17 Mar Web Design Company Reveals 7 Web Design Mistakes to Avoid

Web Design Company Reveals 7 Web Design Mistakes to Avoid


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Have you ever clicked away from a website in pure frustration? Most of us have faced this situation and the main reason is of course, poor website design. While websites have come a long way from garish graphics, lurid animation and slow loading Flash videos, there are still quite a few mistakes that can be easily avoided with a bit of attention to detail. As a web design company with many years of online marketing experience behind us, Social Fishing decided to discuss some of the worst web design mistakes that simply must be avoided at all costs to keep visitors coming back to your website.

1. Slow loading pages

This is one of the most frustrating things for a website user and may even cost you quite a few potential customers. Web surfers are well known to be highly impatient and they are fully aware that if a site is too slow, they can simply click away to another. The reason for a slow site can be anything from too many Flash elements all the way to pointless graphics and bad hosting companies. Be sure to ensure that your site loads fast before anything else.

2. Pop-up windows

If you have set up your site to have pop-up windows at any point of navigation (including when a user clicks the back button) this can be an instant deal breaker to some users. Even worse than pop-up windows are of course, pop-up windows with auto playing audio or video! Many browsers actually block pop-up windows and this means that any valuable information placed on these windows might not even be seen by your potential clients. Therefore, simply avoid them.

3. Making the contact information hard to find

If you check out any good website, you will note that they have their contact information and a button that leads to a contact form in several easily noticeable spots on the website. If a visitor wishes to contact you, it is very important that they are given the relevant information to find what they need without having to look too hard. Additionally, you can also integrate a map to your location to help your visitors find your physical location or locations if you have multiple outlets. This is highly important to help clients contact you fast as well as to appear as a legitimate business.

4. Poor navigation

If your online marketing company suggests that you fix your website’s navigation to provide a better user experience, be sure to listen to them as this is one of the most important things on a website. The internet is all about speed and convenience and if a user has feels confused and lost among the pages of your website and can’t figure out where to go, you may need to look into fixing your navigation to make everything easily accessible in a couple of clicks. It is very important that all pages have a link back to the home page of your website. The navigation bar should always be present in each and every page of your site along with information on where you currently are, to help visitors get around the site easily.

5. Auto playing video or audio

Ever clicked on a page on your laptop and spent forever trying to figure out where that ‘noise’ is coming from and closed the window just because you couldn’t? This has happened to most of us and may experience the high bounce rate on your website if you also happen to have auto playing audio or video. Audio and video need to be used with extreme care and it is always advised that you only include it with a play button so that users can choose whether to play it or not.

6. Overall bad design

You may feel tempted to DIY your website or to hand it over to the cheapest bidder. In reality, a qualified web designer with great skills and honed experience will always charge higher and will guarantee a better design. Creating a site with a consistent design, choosing colors with extreme care and making sure to present your content in the right places are all part of the design. Even though it may cost you more, investing on a proper designer with the right skills will guarantee a better website with all the right things in the right places.

7. Not investing on SEO

With today’s high competition among websites, it is very important to consult a Search Engine Optimization company to help your website become more visible on the internet.  This will ensure that your navigation, content and overall design is created for maximum search engine visibility. Additionally, investing in SEO will also remove any unnecessary elements on your website and devote the space to providing valuable and important information to your users in the most concise manner possible.

Creating a perfect website takes a lot of time and effort as well as quite a bit of research. If you are revamping your site or building an all new site, be sure to avoid these mistakes or work on fixing them if any of them already exist. A better website will lead to more business and better returns. Always invest in the right professionals and focus on keeping things simple, concise and convenient for your users to provide them with the best experience.

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