17 Mar Top 8 Secrets of Logo Design Companies

Top 8 Secrets of Logo Design Companies


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If you are a business in search for a great logo, you will have to consider quite a few things to make sure that everything is perfect. While for some companies, things are as simple as typing out the company name, the majority of businesses have to take a number of important logo design considerations into account. Sure, there are plenty of websites that offer free logos, online logo building platforms and even offer their services at unbelievably low rates. However, if you are looking for something eye catching, unique and positively perfect, you might want to look elsewhere and take the following factors into consideration.

1. Simplicity always works!

If you consider top brands such as Nike and Apple, you will notice the simplicity of the logo. Although the companies are highly established enough for people to recognize the logos at a glance, you can give a portion of the credit to the logo design. Simple yet expertly designed logos will communicate your message without creating much visual clutter. While it doesn’t always have to be a single image in one color such as Apple or Nike, it can be something that is designed in such a way as to stick in the mind.

2. Visual double entendres can do wonders

Some image based logos can have more than one meaning and in the world of logo design, this is a great sign of creativity. If a logo can make people take a second look and capture the second image, it would make a great choice as long as both interpretations are directly related to the business. Believe it or not, people love to check out logos and to try and spot the second image as a sort of entertaining mind game. Logos such as these come across as creative and clever while also acting as a fantastic portrayal of your business to the world.

3. The right colors are crucial

Color plays a very important part in logo design. When used correctly, colors can draw in the users’ eyes and to get them thinking. In reality, different colors have different meanings and are often associated with different things. With logos, it is very important to choose the right colors to not only suit your niche but also to draw a person’s eye and to relay the message more creatively. Of course, being attractive doesn’t hurt either!

4. Ripping off other logos is highly frowned upon

Sometimes, a business owner may have their own selection of logos that they like and may have ideas on incorporating some of the elements into creating their own. In reality, this can be done but it needs to be done with care. Just like everything else, logo trends also come and go. For businesses, it may be tempting to try and copy something that is successful and noticed. However, at the end of the day, the logos will only look uninspired and unoriginal. Instead, look for something new and unique and use small concepts for inspiration rather than taking an entire design or a significant portion.

5. Make it noticeable

In some rare cases, a logo may contain an element that is not directly (or indirectly) related to the business in anyway. While most of these images have some kind of deeper meaning, others may simply have a random image that people will immediately begin to associate with the business. Even something strikingly simple can be used to create this effect and it must be noted that this is not something that works in every situation. Then again, when it works, it will definitely grab the attention and deliver the results as you intend.

6. Employ a sense of movement

If you take a look at the evolution of the Twitter logo, you will see that the little blue bird went from sitting perched all the way to taking flight in an upward motion. Most businesses employ a sense of movement to the image elements on their logos to make it seem more interesting and dynamic. The more active a logo looks, the more energetic the perception will be. This can help create a sort of positive vibe as well as to create something unique and interesting.

7. Avoid clichés

The font, ‘Helvetica’ has earned a reputation for being the cliché logo font. Many top notch logo design companies avoid the font unless absolutely unavoidable. Other clichés include arcs over the top of the letters, random dots or squares that make no sense or bear any relation to the brand and overlapping first letters. Needless to say, these designs were very successful at one point and people associated them with the businesses that first came up with them. However, as time passed and more people began exploiting the concepts, these ideas became stale clichés. If you wish to create something great, avoid clichés and look into creating something new and exciting.

8. Create a logo with a story

So you have a great company name and a business that’s ready to take over the world, your logo definitely matters a great deal for a successful next step. In reality, the most memorable logos have some kind of a story or meaning behind them. This could be directly related to the niche, the business itself or the owner. In the end, logos with interesting stories behind them tend to get more noticed and appreciated.

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