17 Mar The Right Content Marketing Approach to Generate Traffic in 2015

The Right Content Marketing Approach to Generate Traffic in 2015


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Content continues to be the biggest driver of traffic in any internet marketing strategy in the New Year. According to statistics, about 77% of internet users read blogs while 52% check out the blog and any advice listed on it before making purchasing decisions. Additionally, 57% of online businesses have made sales and acquired new customers with the aid of their blogs. Needless to say, developing a good blog and maintaining it properly is an absolute must for any online business. Of course, competition is nothing new to online and content marketing professionals and it is very important to understand that blogs too need to work hard to rise above their competition.

There are many different approaches to making sure that your content truly matters. You ought to focus your blogging effort to increase your visibility on search engines as well as to establish your business as a credible and legitimate entity on the internet. A good blogging strategy will also allow you to engage with your target audience at a personal level to prompt repeated visits as well as user engagement.

According to internet marketing firms, the right content strategy needs to focus on creating specific types of content to attract more attention amid the sea of competitors.

Dive into your subject

There are those who seek easy-to-digest content while they look for information on the web. However, a well-researched article with plenty of important detail will be of great use for quick readers as well as in-depth readers. The fact that advanced content can provide all the right information to a search query will make it useful for your target audience. Some businesses provide advanced information in the form of eBooks, manuals, guides as well as webinars and even online lessons. It is perfectly all right to cash in on providing advanced content by releasing the information for a fee or in exchange for a subscription. You will exchange your in-depth knowledge about the subject on which you specialize and then obtain valuable contact information that will become crucial for further interaction and sales.

Accurate product reviews

If you are selling a product, your first instinct is to make it look as good as you can. In reality, over 33% of buyers say that they place more trust in the recommendations and reviews made by consumers as opposed to businesses and professionals. The fact that a consumer looks at the product strictly from their perspective makes their account much more credible than a professional who is attempting to make a sale or a business, out to make profits. If you are selling a good product or a good service, allow an opportunity for your customers to provide their honest feedback on your website. With the reviews presented in your own website, your audience won’t have to go too far to find honest user experiences to help them make their decision. Social media platform reviews such as Facebook reviews and Google+ reviews also matter a great deal. Businesses that are quick to provide their thanks to positive reviews and to address negative reviews to rectify any problems, are given more trust than businesses that don’t.

Infographics are excellent for data presentation

If you have gathered important data from a self-conducted study or from a variety of sources, presenting them in cohesive yet interesting manner is not always easy. Thanks to infographics, people now pay more attention to statistical data as the information is easy to digest and isn’t hidden among dull blocks of text. It is a known fact that people retain about 80% of what they see but only about 20% of the information that they read, infographics are among the most effective methods of presenting valuable industry data among a wide audience. Regardless of your specific trade, it is very important that you give infographics a try if you have particularly useful yet rather dull information that will be of value to your target audience. Infographics tend to be enjoyed and shared more often than a simple image or a block of text. In fact, your information doesn’t even have to be statistical to be placed on an infograph. You can create infographs with tutorials, interesting facts, updates and even external information to great success. The key is to be creative and to present information in a condensed form to captivate your audience. Don’t forget to tie in your infographs with your social media campaign.

Address to real problems and provide real solution

Self-promotion and updates are great for a blog. But if you only have promotional information, that won’t be very well-received by users or search engines. In reality, the best choice would be to consider addressing real issues related to your trade. Providing in-depth solutions to real problems that people have will be an excellent way to promote user engagement as well as to give your visitors something truly valuable to enjoy. Sharing your expertise with your customers and your target audience is always a good thing and will reward you. Once again, this sort of approach ties-in perfectly with a social media campaign. You can easily use platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to help your users voice their problems and employ your blog to answer them.

In reality, not everyone is able to write in such a way as to convey correct information in a cohesive and interesting manner. This is where you can seek the assistance of professional blogging services providers to handle your content. With the right approach, any business can gain a loyal following and enhance their reach and revenue.

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Written by: Christian Smith