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A social media strategy can give a big boost to your brand. But to get results you need to master the rules. For companies just starting and do not have a big budget, social networks can be an effective way of marketing. But handling them incorrectly can affect the reputation of the brand and can damage the chances of your success. To prevent this from happening to you, you know about the most common mistakes and above all, need to learn for avoiding them.

Starting Without A Plan

If you’re tempted to skip the step of creating a strategy that defines your goals and resources you need to reach out to your visitors, then you are making a big mistake. In developing a plan, you generate a critical support where your efforts are based on the virtual platforms.

Posting Inappropriate Content

One of the most common mistakes is that companies do not know their customers and how they operate in social networks. For example, a report from market research firm, KISSmetrics reveals that nearly 50 % of the U.S. population using these platforms live in the eastern time zone, while over 30% is located in the central area. The report suggests that the tweets that are posted at 5:00 pm are most likely to be seen and shared.

Breaking The Rules “Tag”

Don’t begin a social media campaign without at least getting an idea of ​​the rules that compose it. Begin discussions with rhetorical questions that promote reflection. On the other hand, relating content with the current trends can be a good way to increase the public interest. Find them on the news pages as well as on the part of Twitter trending topics.

Skip Measurements

Although its difficult to measure something as ephemeral as a conversation, there are other factors that can be quantified as the total size of your online community, the number of times you and your brand is mentioned on the web, as well as traffic generated by the social network to corporate the page. The tools listed below can help you to be aware of these metrics:

Simply Measured

It is also an instrument that can collect data from social networks, such as the level of care blog or distribution of tweets by country in an Excel report.


It is a free search engine that sends you alerts every time you or your brand are mentioned in social networks.

Ignoring Your Competitors

Know with whom you share the market and each offer is as important as knowing your business. To investigate it, you must access your Website, become one of its followers and analyze the strategy. Watch your fans and use their reactions to improve your own Internet media plan.

Make The Right Questions:

Do customers of competition are commenting about a missing function? Or conversely, would you like something you and your competitors do, but still you are not actively promoting your ads?

What are the emotions that the audience following your competition is connected more with their products or services?

If you complete your strategic plan, and you avoid the above mistakes, no doubt social media will become a good starting point to boost the marketing of your business. Furthermore, the cost -benefit can be really productive. While the defined strategy will work at all times as a reminder of why you are investing time and effort in virtual communities, while helping you to optimize your social media usage.

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