16 Mar SEO Friendly Web Design Tips from Website Marketing Company

SEO Friendly Web Design Tips from Website Marketing Company


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It is a known fact that getting your website right from an SEO point of view is the most economical way of ensuring its success on leading search engines. Doing a rush job on your website and then paying extra to get it up to SEO standards is not a good idea if you are starting a website. Many Delray Beach Website Marketing and SEO providers agree that it is always a good move to get your website on the right track from the first steps.

Here are some simple, yet highly effective web design tips that will help you get your website right on the first attempt.

Focus on creating quality content

Quality content is of utmost importance for a website. Not only does the content have to contain information about the website but this information should be carefully presented in a style that works with the company’s business and their customers’ preference. The idea is to create content that people would want to read and provides something valuable to them. Aside from the website’s content on the home, about and any product or services pages, it is highly recommended to create a blog to keep the content fresh.

Use keywords with care

We are well past the time when websites used to have random blocks of keywords just to get crawled by search engines. Nowadays, keywords have to be carefully and seamlessly integrated into the content so that they are frequent enough to be picked up by search engines but not too frequent as to disturb the flow of the content. They can be effectively used in page titles, content, headers and links. Be sure to only use keywords that are directly linked to your business and appropriate for your services.

Keep the coding clean

Search engines don’t like messy code on a website. When a website has clean coding, it is much easier for them to read. Things like incorrect semantics, bad links and repeated header tags are quite common in many websites and are not at all appropriate by search engine specifications. It is also important to load your CSS and Javascript externally and to decrease page load times as much as possible.

HTML text is the preferred option

Websites can now be adorned with as much custom fonts as needed thanks to live HTML text. This eliminates the need for too many images and Flash and also provides search engines with an opportunity to index the text.

Proper page titles are a must

You may have seen page titles that trail on but don’t really describe the page. Stuffing the page title with keywords that don’t accurately describe the page is something very bad for a website. Instead of focusing on using keywords, work on creating short titles that describe the page followed by the name of the website. If the contents page can be described with a keyword then that is definitely a bonus.

Construct links with care

Creating links to different parts of your website is an essential part of helping people navigate through it. However, instead of simply saying ‘Download’ or ‘Click Here’, users always prefer more specific links such as ‘Click Here for a List of Services’ or ‘Download our Products Catalogue’. This is a great tip to help search engines index your website while also making the user experience much more pleasant.

Give more focus to Google’s guidelines

Google is the most widely used search engine in the world. In fact, the act of searching for something on the internet itself is referred to as ‘googling’. Therefore, giving higher priority to the guidelines of Google is a must when it comes to optimizing your website. In reality, Google’s rankings matter the most when it comes to building your brand. Once you have directed your SEO efforts on Google, you can focus on the other search engines.

Consider W3C standards

Following the standards of W3C when you create your website is a very good idea to present your users with a hassle free experience. While you don’t necessarily have to follow these guidelines to the letter, you can simply run the code through a couple of W3C standard checkers in order to get an idea on what you can improve. As a result, your pages will be much friendlier towards search engines.

In the end, building a great website is all about giving your users something worthy of their time and attention. When you pay attention to creating a pleasant user experience and a good online reputation for your brand, your website will turn out great from an SEO perspective as well. When it comes to hiring a web designer and developer to handle your website, be sure to ask about their experience in SEO compliant websites to make sure that you don’t have to spend extra to clean up your site later on. There are plenty of competent website marketing professionals with the right knowledge and experience to help you create a fantastic website and it is very important to choose the right one for the job.

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