16 Mar Search Engine Optimization Company Debunks 9 SEO Myths

Search Engine Optimization Company Debunks 9 SEO Myths

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Whether you are a business owner, doing your due diligence on SEO or whether you are an online marketer, trying to create an SEO strategy for a specific niche, you are bound to come across various beliefs associated with SEO. However, if you have chosen a quality Search Engine Optimization company with the right level of expertise and experience to handle your SEO strategy, you will be able to learn than quite a lot of these beliefs are nothing more than myths. Here are the 9 biggest SEO myths that are believed by many SEO professionals as well as SEO clients out there.

Myth 1 – You must rank on the No.1 Spot

Ideally, it would be great if a business can rank at the number one position on Google for their search phrases. However, if you manage to reach position number two or maybe number three, you are still doing extremely well. Even the top results on page two are considered very good by SEO standards and are favorable for many businesses as users do click on to the second page if they can’t find what they want. In reality, ranking above the fold on the first page and second page are quite good positions and will fetch great results your way.

Myth 2- A perfect title tag is all you need

Your title tag is undeniably important. However, if your website is not a good one in any other way, even the most well-crafted title tag is not going to help you obtain traffic and to convert them into sales. While having a great title that perfectly describes your website with the aid of keywords will definitely stand out among the rest, but it is not going to make much of an impression on a user to turn a click into a sale.

Myth 3- Paid ads boost rankings

This is a myth that has been around for many years. While it would definitely be great if you can spend money on the search engine in return for high rankings, that is not how things actually work. In reality, the advertisements are separate from SEO. If you plan on investing in search engine ads, you will have to understand that you are paying for traffic only from this avenue. A large ad budget is not going to get you a huge organic traffic payoff as ads and SEO are separate from each other.

Myth 4 – Thinking that social media can handle everything

While social media is definitely an integral part of any SEO campaign, there is no way that you can succeed simply by relying only on it. You will need plenty of back up as well. Social media traffic works wonders when paired with great content such as a blog or YouTube videos. However, relying exclusively on your social media strategy can get you in trouble unless you create exceptional content with the ability to go viral. Social media definitely has to be given priority but it is not advised that you abandon the other great SEO methods to focus exclusively on it.

Myth 5 – You only need one type of content

This is something that most people are convinced about. If you have noticed that a specific business had found great success with videos, that doesn’t meant mean it’s the only content option available for you. In reality, different businesses thrive on different types of content and it is necessary to identify them appropriately to choose what works for you. According to many Internet marketing companies, most businesses find success by choosing several different types of content in combination. However, it is necessary to understand that not all types of content will work on your specific niche.

Myth 7 – The more links you have the more traffic you can get

In reality, link building does help lift up a website’s rankings. However, link building extensively and unscrupulously will only get you noticed for spamming. Even with the best links, if your content is sub-par, you won’t see many conversions.

Myth 8 – You don’t need to fix your content

You need to look at your website content with an analytical eye or better, in the eyes of a user. Is the information presented in a cohesive and comprehensive manner? Is the content interesting? Can you do better with a different type of content? In many cases, the SEO process starts with a content assessment and no matter how great you think your content may be, if the SEO requirements are not fulfilled, it will have to be redone by a professional copy writing services provider.

Myth 9 – Usability and SEO are two different worlds!

This can’t be further from the truth. The main intention for you to consider SEO is to actually convert visits to sales. Even with a fantastic SEO campaign, you will need to consider the usability of your website to make sure that you achieve the desired results. In some cases, designers come up with layouts that are difficult to use and are just plain ‘bad’ from an SEO perspective. While these two are different, they go hand in hand to convert visits to sales and from sales to loyalty.

Any SEO professional or website owner has most likely come across these SEO myths at one point in their careers. Be sure to stay alert on what makes sense and what is built up as a result of hype and misinformation to choose the right path for you. Always invest in a quality Search Engine Optimization firm to ensure a successful strategy employing reputed methods.

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