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Cool on the go Cool on the go Cool on the go Cool on the go
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About This Project

Summers can get hot, and depending on where you live, there are even days in the spring and the fall that can feel like a hot summer day. Most people enjoy getting outside and having fun outdoors, but when it’s blazing hot outside, your options are limited. Summer is a great time to focus on getting outside and getting into shape, so many people enjoy getting out and running or walking, but on those days when the sun feels like it’s beating down on you, you have to worry about keeping cool or facing dehydration. Some people try to rely on a personal cooling fan, but that’s not always convenient with the types of fans available on the market. It’s hard to run with a bulky portable fan, so you’re more likely to just go without it. Plus, the fan takes up one of your hands to hold it, leaving you with an added inconvenience. It’s not quite a problem solved. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a personal cooling device that really was portable, lightweight, and left your hands free?