24 Apr Online Marketing Secrets from an Internet Marketing Company

Online Marketing Secrets from an Internet Marketing Company


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If you ask any internet marketing company, they will have their tried and true methods to promote businesses in the best way possible. Of course, due to the changing standards of search engines and their users, online marketers have to be extra careful about adopting their strategies to stay ahead of the trends. Nevertheless, some methods, despite having seen minor changes over the years, are still continued to be in use to fetch great results. The target of any online marketing campaign is to attract the attention of the right audience and to make more sales. Here are 7 secrets of online marketing that you can use to make your own campaign better.

1. Website directory listings still matter

It is very important that your website is visible on the most popular directories before you go ahead with all of your other online marketing plans. High value directories such as Google, Yahoo and DMOZ can have a great effect on your internet marketing efforts. What most internet marketing and SEO companies do is to list the website’s main page to increase its chances of being found by the right people.

2. Using more than one method to generate traffic

A mistake most website owners do is to rely on one way to obtain website traffic. Instead, professional online marketers use several methods to generate traffic. For instance, if you are focusing on SEO and link building, you don’t have to turn a complete blind eye towards methods such as paid social media and pay per click. Additionally, things such as email marketing, affiliate programs and targeted advertising for websites work great with many SEO and social media efforts. Professional online marketers will look at a variety of methods and then decide on a few options that suit your business well.

3. Marketing pages do work

If you are creating a web advertisement, directing traffic from a social media site or trying to obtain some leads from an email newsletter, you will see better results by creating special marketing pages rather than directing them to your home page. The reason for this is the fact that your audience is going to expect to see the advertised product or service at the other end of the link. If you want to convert an intrigued view into a sale, you should work at providing them with direct access to the advertised product without trying to get them to navigate from the home page. The easier you make for your users to take advantage of an offer, deal or sale that you are advertising the more likely they are to grab it!

4. Make your testimonials visible

Testimonials are a must when it comes to creating a trustworthy brand. When potential customers are able to get an idea of what your previous customers experienced with your products or services, they tend to feel much more comfortable at making a decision on the purchase. Testimonials are actually a powerful way of determining how your potential customers perceive your brand. Be sure to make your testimonials easily visible from the front page and provide a link to make external testimonials and reviews easily visible as well. It would also help to get your customer to provide testimonials after making a purchase. Not only will this provide you a chance to ensure trust but it will also allow you a chance to identify any weaknesses you may have.

5. Make your offers compelling

If you are creating a deal or an offer, make sure that it is not something your customers are likely to find with your competitors. If you are offering the same deal as your competitors, your customers are highly unlikely to find it very interesting or tempting enough to find out more. Offering something free is a great way of attracting more people to your brand but make sure that what you are offering is of actual value and good enough to tempt customers to pay for it. This is a method that is often used by software manufacturers to attract consumers and to get them to become paying customers in a short time.

6. Work on building trust and credibility

Although online shopping is done by just about everybody, no one is going to want to buy from a website that appears to be shady. Reputed online companies have a specific look and feel that allows customers to feel comfortable with sharing their financial information as well as their personal details. If your website is full of pop-ups, annoying links and a navigation structure that is not easy to handle, then you will have to make changes. Create a welcoming home page with plenty of information on your brand and an easy navigation structure to make any page accessible quickly. The next step would be to provide reputed payment gateways and proper security. It also helps to avoid distractions and placing too many advertisements all over the place. Keep your content clear, concise, grammatically accurate and to-the-point to get your message across.

7. Consider offering a guarantee

Money back guarantees or 100% satisfaction assurances work great when it comes to selling your products or services online. This minimizes the consumer’s risk of making a purchase and will make sure that you appear to be a legitimate business. Of course, if your competitors are offering guarantees, you should also offer one and make it better if possible.

Online marketing is definitely powerful and highly effective. Therefore, consider these secrets of the trade and make your campaign stand out from the thousands of competitors out there.

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