13 Jul Low Conversion Rates Explained by Internet Marketing Firm

Low Conversion Rates Explained by Internet Marketing Firm



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Any internet marketing Firm will tell you that your website’s conversion rate is one of the most important things you should be measuring. The conversion rate of a website is the number of visitors that turn into customers. For starters, most website owners have to pay for the traffic that their websites receive. Therefore, the best way to improve their returns of investment is to increase their conversion rate. A higher conversion rate means that a higher number of visitors to your website leave it as your customers.

If you are noticing a low conversion rate despite your efforts of drawing traffic into your website, then you will need to look into your website as there may be something wrong with it. In reality, visitors have a very limited attention span when they come into a website. They will arrive at a website and immediately click away if they don’t find what they need. Since there are plenty of options out there, all over the internet, finding what they want is not really a problem. What website owners need to focus on is to keep these visitors in your website and to turn them into customers within a short time. According to online marketing experts, a higher conversion rate equals better returns of investment. If you are able to convert the majority of your visitors in to customers, it is much more effective in comparison to finding more visitors.

If your website has plenty of visitors but a low conversion rate, then you may be able to improve it by going through your website and making some changes. Here are some things to look out for along with solutions.

The Problem – Your website is not visually appealing

Sometimes this is an obvious issue. Web surfers can be a jaded crowd. If they find your website on search engine results or by some other way, they will expect a good design no matter what you have to sell. If you are guilty of using Comic Sans as a font, splattering obvious stock images all over the place, a garish color scheme and a poor layout, then your visitors will simply click away, unimpressed.

The Fix – Revamp your website

Get your website looked at by a professional and create a more visually pleasing design that is suitable for your trade. Keep away from clutter, unnecessarily garish color combinations and a simple design to create a winning website.

The Problem – Your website is not user-friendly

A website that is not user-friendly can leave users confused and annoyed. For instance, if your users want to find something on your site, they will be expecting an easy way to find it. If your website has a messy navigational structure, pop-up pages, difficulty in finding anything, then it can cause your customers to click away in frustration. Anything from technical errors and poor content all the way to outdated website architecture can render a website difficult to use. This can have a direct effect on your conversion rate.

The Fix – Make your website as easy to use as possible

A website in which users can find their way around easily, perfectly functioning buttons, comprehensive content and a good layout can easily convert visitors into customers. Be sure to hire a reputed web design company to help you create a website that is not only visually appealing but also capable of being functional.

The Problem – Your website is not attracting the right people

Say you are a high-end clothing company and sell clothes at high prices. If your online marketing or SEO campaign is focused around keywords such as budget and affordable clothes, then you will not be attracting the right customers. The people who visit your website simply bounce away as you have drawn them in with a false promise.

The Fix – Target the ideal audience

Targeting the right audience is quite easy with the many tools available today. For instance, you can create targeted social media advertisements, choose the perfect keywords and tweak your content so it suits the ideal audience. Additionally, go through your previous advertisements, social media posts and other content to see where you went wrong. This will help you create ads with the right content to draw the right audience.

The Problem – Your website has no prominent call to action or your website has too many calls to action

Both of these issues, at separate ends of the spectrum, have a considerable effect on how well your website will translate visitors into customers. If you don’t have a prominent call to action, then your visitors won’t know how to proceed to make a purchase or inquiry. If you have too many calls to action, the visitor will be confused with all the buttons and links.

The Fix – Provide clear calls to action in moderation

Whether you are looking for more blog subscribers, social media likes, customers or people to fill out your contact forms, the right call to action will direct your users in the right way. Place your calls to action in the right places where your users can easily spot them. However, find the right balance between ‘links and buttons all over the place’ and ‘can’t find the next step’.

Optimizing your conversion rate is all about putting yourself in your visitors’ shoes. Simply find out what your ideal consumer wants and provide it to them and you will see a definite increase in your conversion rate.

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