27 Jun Internet Marketing Company Reveals their Top Metrics

Internet Marketing Company Reveals their Top Metrics


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Whether you are running an online marketing campaign or an offline campaign, measuring your success is the best way to make sure that everything is going according to plan. If you hire an internet marketing company to manage your online plan, then they have to keep an eye on various measures to make sure that the marketing plan goes according to plan. Additionally, analyzing this data can also help them improve the strategy as needed.

Nowadays, online marketing is all about creating compelling content that is more focused on providing information rather than promoting their products or services. Most companies are just as focused toward building long term relationships with their visitors as selling what they have to offer. Of course, while the information may not generally be explicitly promotional, it is posted with the intention of converting visitors into customers. This practice known as content marketing or inbound marketing increases the visibility and interaction in your website while presenting you with a range of analytics to help you improve your approach with time. There are various data points that can help you measure the success of your online marketing efforts. Here are 6 metrics that you must measure on a regular basis.


Visitors, whether they come to purchase something on your website, to make an inquiry or to simply read your content, are an important metric. It is very important that you monitor your visitors as they are your audience and are the key to converting visits into sales or leads. The number of visitors and repeat visitors are very important to understand just how your audience is engaged by your content. If you are planning on creating compelling content, be sure to keep an eye on this metric as the number of new and repeat visitors will give you an idea of how your content is received by your audience.

Sources of traffic

This metric provides information on where your visitors find your site from. If you are spreading your links across the web, your visitors are bound to stumble across it from various different places. This metric is another highly important one as it allows you to determine how effective various channels are when it comes to scattering links to your website or content.

Traffic comes in several different types. Direct traffic is generated when visitors type your URL into their web browsers. Additionally, if your readers have received links on emails or have bookmarked your website, then they count as direct traffic as well. Organic traffic refers to the visitors who came across your website on a search engine. This is an indicator of how your SEO strategy is performing and the type of keywords that draw visitors to your website. This is a very important metric for those who seek to improve their SEO approach. Referral traffic is generated when visitors find your site through links in other online sources. This sort of traffic comes from email campaigns, social media and any referral links you have shared with your online community. This metric is important to learn how well your inbound links are performing.

Indexed pages

Indexed pages refer to the pages in your website that has seen at least one visit from a search engine. Since organic traffic is one of the most important forms of inbound traffic, having more indexed pages in your website is definitely a plus. The best way to maintain a steady growth of indexed pages is to build a blog. As we have mentioned many times before, blogging is a great way to keep your content fresh, updated and relevant to your trade.

The performance of keywords

According to SEO specialists, it is very important that every website has different pages, optimized for specific keywords. At the same time, your search engine ranking for each keyword should be kept in track. If a specific page appears to be lost in the rankings, then you can see it by analyzing the performance of your keywords for that page. What you can do to remedy this is to choose keywords that are less competitive or to try a different approach with the same keywords. The best success at this metric is seen with long tail keywords.

Landing page conversions

This metric is one of the most important ones in the list. Landing page conversions refer to the percentage of visitors who have come to a specific page and converted into leads or customers. If you see a steady rise in the number of visitors to your website while the conversion rate is low, then you will need to think about optimizing the design of your landing pages. Many different factors can influence the conversion rate. In some cases, visitors get discouraged from complicated checkout processes, asking for too much information before making a purchase or a flawed design. Be sure to keep a close watch on this metric to make sure that you are able to tweak the design and to improve your pages to increase conversions.

If you ask any SEO company or online marketing company, they are most likely to watch these metrics to continue to improve their SEO and online marketing approach. These measures can be easily observed with tools such as Google Analytics and are exceptionally valuable to creating a winning online strategy.

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