17 Mar Internet Marketing Company Approved Content Types for Your Business

Internet Marketing Company Approved Content Types for Your Business


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The importance of having great content has been established over the past few years. However, aside from web content and your blog, there are many other forms of content that has proven successful for various businesses all around the world. While traditional content is definitely a must, there are many other forms of content that your internet marketing company can help you develop and release for your benefit. The idea is to give your audience something interesting and something new with each release you make. Here are some great new ways of improving your online presence with different content types,

Product or Services Reviews

Posting reviews is a great way to provide your recommendation. These can be on your own products, services or even the products and services of your competitors. While you may think that bringing attention towards your competition is not a good idea, it can definitely promote good faith and make your business appear more credible and authentic. You will need to highlight both the good and the bad. If you can create videos, they will work great if you are reviewing a physical product. A video review will allow the reviewer to feature different parts of the product so that the users can get a 360 view and a hands-on account. Be sure to publish the transcript under the video so that you can have two types of publishable reviews with on attempt. Make sure that you have a sort of verdict at the end of your review so that your opinion is presented to your audience.


Webinars are a fantastic way to share news, updates and to discuss things with your audience. Of course, it is very important that you host webinars with a proper structure to make sure that everything flows the way you want. Create a proper plan with questions, topics and additional talking points to get things going. Be sure to have a 60 minute limit on your webinar as that is a suitable standard length that will allow you to get all the important points across. You can choose what works best out of webinars that are hosted by a presenter where information is conveyed or webinars where discussions take place to suit your needs. Presenter type webinars work great when introducing something new or discussing an industry change. For instance, if you are a website marketing company then you can choose a presenter type webinar to explain new updates, techniques and to provide tips to your audience. Just like written content, webinars need to make excellent use of the allocated time to have the desired effect. Make sure to provide high quality visuals and audio to deliver clear and concise information for the method to be truly effective.

Guide and tutorial videos

These are some of the most searched content type on YouTube. If you are able to present a clear and easy-to-understand tutorial on your specific niche, then you can definitely create a video that will be truly valuable to your users. Just like with webinars, you will need to use quality camera and audio equipment to make sure that you present a good quality video. Don’t forget to film in proper lighting to make sure that your users can see everything clearly and understand your instructions. YouTube is the best option to publish your videos but you can easily tie in the videos with the rest of your social media campaign as well as your website so that your users can find you if they like the content   you have posted. YouTube is a great option not only because that is the first place where a user would seek out a tutorial but also because you can promote other videos via annotations and to direct them to important links.


Podcasts are another great way to get people to regularly check up on your content. These can be posted on your website or your blog with the rest of your social media strategy working on driving traffic toward the content to help get discussions started. The idea length for a podcast would be about 20 minutes as most people tend to listen to these during their commute or while travelling. However, depending on your subject matter and your audience, you can make your podcast longer or shorter. What you need to keep in mind is that the content needs to be interesting and valuable while also being presented in an enjoyable manner for it to mater to your audience. Podcasts are posted on a schedule on the same time of the day or the same day of the week at the same time so that people can listen to them. Since they are heard and not seen, they can make a better impact if you have more than one voice, discussing the subject. You can always bring in industry-relevant people as guests, discuss important topics, current news and to interview people to keep the variety alive.

It may have become apparent that all of these content types are somewhat similar with small differences. If you are planning on venturing into podcasts, webinars and video tutorials, you will have to make an investment on video equipment. What’s great about these is the fact that they can be easily tied in with your social media or SEO campaign as well as your email marketing campaign to deliver excellent results. These are great methods that work well even with the DIY approach and will deliver great results if you do a great job. Be sure to seek the counsel of your internet marketing services provider to make sure that you stay on the right track!

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