12 Jun Independence Special from Social Fishing – Internet Marketing Packages for Small Businesses

Independence Special from Social Fishing – Internet Marketing Packages for Small Businesses


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Nowadays, having an internet marketing strategy is a must for any business regardless of its size. When it comes to small businesses and businesses that have just started out, the help of a well-qualified online marketing company is essential to establish their brand and to find their audience. Social Fishing has been in the business of creating internet marketing solutions with a special focus on small businesses for several years and is now lending a helping hand to those who are just getting started on the web.

The Social Fishing Independence Special is a great opportunity for small businesses to get their brand name across and to broaden their reach. We will be offering the following services with our packages,

Modern website design

Web design has seen some considerable changes over the years. We have come a long way from slow loading pages, auto-playing videos and graphic loaded websites to more simple aesthetics, simple navigation and functional features. If you are not seeing a good enough conversion rate, not making enough sales and not getting repeat visitors, the reason just might be your website’s design. At Social Fishing, we specialize on creating modern websites with all the right functional elements, a clean design and a focus on raising your conversion rate.


SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a critical part of any internet marketing campaign. Think about the average internet user and how they find anything on the web; they will type a search term into a search engine such as Google, Bing or Yahoo. Where they will make their orders, fill in the contact forms or create a long term business relationship will depend mainly on what they see on the front page of the results that their search engine fetches. If your website is not at the top pages on the search engine results for good keywords, visitors may not be able to find it easily. SEO helps connects these keywords with your website and to improve its search engine rankings.

Social media marketing

Although everybody is complaining about people with their noses glued to smartphones, there is no use denying that social media has a massive reach. If you are planning to improve your audience, then focusing on social media is a must. Social media ties in with a lot of the other services that we have to offer. For instance, social media works great together with SEO when it comes to promoting your biggest keywords. Since link building is a major part of SEO, social media can be effectively used as a way of scattering links to your website, product pages or important content across the internet. With the right approach, some companies have even gone viral to amass thousands of visitors within a matter of days, all through social media.

Content writing and blogging

Here in the world of internet marketing, we consider content to be the main driving force. Without good content, your website lacks proper information to offer your visitors or fresh information to get indexed by leading search engines. Our content creation and blogging services are targeted at promoting small businesses with the clever use of current topics, industry relevant information and the careful use of keywords to drive traffic into their websites. Blogging is another must in internet marketing nowadays. In fact, just about any business now has a blog. Social Fishing is capable of producing relevant content for just about any type of business and to make sure that each blog is created with special care to meet the highest search engine standards.

Start-up consulting services

It’s not easy to survive today’s market as a start-up company. Even the smallest niche is bound to have some competition and most start-up companies struggle to hold their head above the waves. This is where Social Fishing can help! We have helped many businesses to build their brand and online identity over the years. We help start-up companies to build their brand from the logo design stage all the way to the way they update their blog every week. Businesses in their start-up stages can learn a lot from their competitors as well as large scale businesses. At Social Fishing, our focus is to help you establish yourself on the internet and to progressively grow your audience.

We have great things in store for small businesses and start-ups on our Independence promotion. If you are looking to get your business noticed by the right audience, give Social Fishing a call today and take advantage of the great opportunity we have in store for you!

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Written by: Christian Smith