17 Mar Increase Web Traffic With Social Media – Internet Marketing Company Tips

Increase Web Traffic With Social Media – Internet Marketing Company Tips


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Publishing content is the most important part of any online marketing strategy. However, simply publishing content on a blog is not going to enhance your web traffic over night. Social media is an integral part of any internet marketing strategy and it has to be used the right way, to achieve the desired results.

Once you have published a blog post, the next step is to simply, share it on your social media profiles. As a result, you will get a number of clicks from the links shared in each social media profile. However, if you share the content again and again, the results will also increase with each share. While the results are positively great, the next question to ask is whether the practice is actually a good idea.  Here is what a professional internet marketing company has to say about sharing your content effectively on social media.

Is it a good idea to share the same content more than once?

There has been quite some debate about sharing content more than once. At one point or other, you may have encountered company websites that share the same thing over and over again at a rather annoyingly fast pace and the companies who do this in a tasteful manner that you just might come across an old post that you didn’t see when it was originally posted. The results from sharing the same content a few times, not only brings more traffic but it also allows users to keep you in their minds and for them to reach all of your important pieces of content. Unlike your RSS subscribers, social media followers don’t get to see and read every post you share. If you don’t share your links a few times over, some users may miss the updates.

There’s a difference between sharing content a few times and spamming

Nobody wants to subscribe to a social media profile that bombards its users with posts. In fact, you just might find it annoying if any of the Twitter, Facebook or Instagram users that you follow tend to share items every hour or less than every hour. If you are using this method, it is very close to spamming and may cause your subscribers to disconnect with you. Of course, since sharing your content a few times is definitely effective, it would help you to stick to a few important rules as not to annoy your subscribers and to drive them away. First of all, think of what makes you consider a user as a spammer and then draw the line there to help you figure out the right way to share. If you don’t like to see something on a user’s feed, don’t make it appear on your profile. This is a rather effective way of figuring out what your users are thinking as it is highly likely that more than one person feels the same as you do. Make sure that your content is always of high quality to give something valuable to your users so that they will actually benefit from your shares.

Sharing your content effectively will require a good schedule

It is very important that you understand how different social media channels work and to create a sharing schedule to suit each one. For instance, Twitter is highly dynamic and works great with more frequent shares. Facebook needs to be handled with more care with you re-sharing content only about once a month while Google Plus is also pretty much the same. Of course, it is very important to not share the same content with the same message more than once. For instance, if you are sharing tips, you can use tip 1 as a teaser for the first share and tip 4 as a teaser for the second share to keep the messages varied. Asking different questions, quoting different parts of the articles and even varying the image can get you the desired results. The idea is to never let the message get stale and repeated even though you are sharing the same piece.

Additionally, you will also need to structure your shares differently for each social network. What you share on Instagram is not going to be the same as what you share on Twitter. The writing of the message is different for each network and it needs to be tackled properly for the best results. Some networks work better with images and videos and Regardless of the social media platform in question, the idea is to make the message seem compelling, intriguing and interesting.

Be sure to keep an eye on the performance

Once you have figured out the right social sharing strategy, the next step is to keep a close eye on how things go. As you progress along, be sure to keep an eye on any increases or decreases in your interactions. Are you gaining more clicks and shares or losing them? The feedback of your users is of utmost importance. After all, they are the ones who are seeing what you post. Take negative reviews with a grain of salt if you are noticing one or two complaints among hundreds of compliments. If you are noticing a decrease in engagement after a while, it may be a sign of a newsfeed that is way too busy and that users are simply scrolling through your posts. Monitoring your performance and the feedback you get from users is a must to tweak your campaign until you attain just the right balance.

The right social media sharing approach is the key to a successful content marketing strategy. These tips are certain to help you develop the right approach to suit your business. The right website content marketing company or blogging services provider can always help you in any step of the way.

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