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To prepare our digital marketing plan for 2014, it is important for us to anticipate trends in the social networks that comes in order to incorporate new strategies and tactics to plan every year.


One of the most important aspects to consider is that users are increasingly seeking content that easier to consume and shareable. On one hand, if we consider that every time users consume more and more content for more devices and in a faster way, its not surprising that images and short videos are what generates more engagement in them. Moreover, content that is shared has more value than is consumed only by users that are made, so we’ll have to make them attractive to share.


Besides creating content that will be of interest and value to our audience, we must be able to reach that content to the right audience. Our content will be the best if we do not put it in front of the right audience. Social networks serve to express, so a successful customization of messages is the key to our success.


Facebook will remain the most active social network users throughout the world. However, the teenage audience is increasingly replaced by Twitter.

New features in Paid Ads increasingly appealing to a more segmented audience, enabling the customization of our messages. At the moment they are testing a new feature called ‘trending now’ that will serve to highlight the most popular stories. It’s important to get users to leave us good feedback on our business page. This new feature will provide more user confidence in your services.


It will continue to grow. The ease of consuming messages of 140 characters and its approach to a visual platform will enable further increase active users this year.


YouTube will remain the platform for watching videos with more active users. However, users increasingly demand shorter posts, so other networks that allow short videos as Instragram or Vine continue to grow.


As just mentioned, the trend will be to use short videos this year. According to one study, Instragram videos are already generating even more engagement pictures.


According to a recent study,  Google+ is already the second most active social network after Facebook. Although we are somewhat skeptical of this, the reality is that users are shown the results of increasingly tailored to their preferences in this social network search. Having an active presence on this platform is creating a community with our audience to help us have more visibility in your browser.


These platforms will be increasingly used by fashion brands for marketing tactics. This content will bring more and more traffic to eCommerce.

Furthermore, Polyvore , which lets users create sets with articles and garments, has already become the platform that generates more traffic to the eCommerce fashion, even more than Pinterest. Will continue to increase in active users.

As we always say, every action we perform in these environments must be integrated into the overall strategy we have, aligned with email marketing, search engine advertising, SEO to be shared in physical store, etc.


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