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A Denser content

The direct consequence is the published rate which is steady, but more intense with more articles in a given period. Just handle with care, however, all players do not like to see pouring stream of new articles, and simply cannot win if they come forward, and turn away from your blog. However, a denser content, if there is quality also has another advantage: better indexing in search engines.

Varied content

This is certainly one of the major benefits of guest blogging that can be gained through external contributors, who not only share their own vision to your readers, but will also blog on topics that you did not address. On Socialfishing for example, I rarely evoke topics related to Mac or Linux universe. But it is better to talk about what we know, isn’t it? On the contrary, experts in these fields certainly bring added value to the editorial body of the blog.

Continuity in the publication

You imagine your newscast or your favorite daily stops during the holidays? Yet this is what happens with most personal blogs, and Sociafishing is no exception to the rule as its difficult to keep the same pace of publication, which is more in terms of connection in the difficult or nonexistent web. A guest editor can perfectly ensure the interim role during your vacation, but when you have an overload of work on other issues, or a rather long business trip that prevents you from blogging.

A wider audience

A guest, if he already has a certain reputation and its own blogger community can help you expand your community by posting, adding his readers to those who follow you. Of course this does not work if it is an occasional writer who does not have a blog or is known elsewhere on the web activity.

Apart from some benefits, there are certainly some disadvantages. We must also take into account the potential risks and pitfalls that can represent the guest-blogging for those who invite:

Dilution risk of identity

This risk is especially to those bloggers who always blogged alone, and who managed to unite their readers attracted by the personality of the blogger which they follow every day. What happens in this scenario? In this type of blogging one or more new editors may confuse loyal audience, causing a dilution effect on the personality of the author. Or other editors, while remaining within the spirit of the master of the house.

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