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Putting the two social networks Facebook and Twitter in comparison, we can delineate differences and similarities of these social networks, currently the most widely used by users around the world: Facebook with its 800 million active users and Twitter with its 100 million. Both were able to conquer their public thanks to the simplicity and speed of use.

The characteristics

We can start the discussion by analyzing the similarities and differences taking into consideration certain points of view. Putting Facebook and Twitter in comparison, and dwelling on the type of social bonding that occurs between users who use them, we can see how, for Facebook, users that they contact (“require or accept the friendship”) the link is two-way, while Twitter, being based on the principle of “following” (follow, do not befriend) a user can follow other user.

The type of relationship in fact stands out in this way: Twitter is based on “people who follow me” and “People I follow”, while on Facebook “people with whom you are in contact with, you have got a two-way sharing.” And in fact, the principle of sharing is significantly different between the two social networks: Twitter with what I post, is displayed in the flow of the updates of the people who follow me, while on Facebook, while I post, it is displayed to my friends timeline.

This social network also has the ability to create groups of friends, the so-called “lists” opportunities that Twitter offers.

There is a basic difference

The main difference that emerges, putting Facebook and Twitter in comparison, is the diversity of service that the two social networks aim to offer. Facebook so far has the absolute primacy that even Google Plus hasn’t managed to overcome, because it combines the simplicity (and therefore speed) graphics and use with all the social services that users want (friendship, sharing, online games, etc. … ).

Twitter, which is based on the concept of micro-blogging has a different target of users: those who upgrade with a few quick strokes, those who do not want to waste time and often use it by connecting the Smartphone to contribute to real-time news about a certain topic and then using the brilliant function of Hash-tag.

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