15 May Easy Web Marketing Ideas from an Internet Marketing Company

Easy Web Marketing Ideas from an Internet Marketing Company


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Even today, there are many people who consider website marketing to be a daunting task. However, if you ask any internet marketing company they will tell you that they still employ some of the most basic and simple methods that have been around for years to generate excellent results. Here are some easy, simple ideas to get your website noticed by the right audience and to generate more sales.

Keep content in line with your ideal audience preferences

The main goal of your content is to communicate with your ideal audience. If your content is not written or presented in such a way as to connect with your audience, they will not receive your message correctly. For instance, if you are not targeting at avid readers, you may want to keep your content short, simple and to the point to get your message across. Say you are a clothing company and would like to sell clothes to young women. They will not want to read much about the clothes but they would like to see good pictures of the clothes from different angles. Your content does not have to be text to achieve proper communication with your audience. In fact, you can effectively use any form of content (text, image, video, etc.) to communicate with your target audience in a way that they are likely to properly interpret it.

Optimize your website layout

People who are surfing the internet to find something they need will only spend a couple of seconds on a website until they see what they are looking for. It is your job, as the website owner, to make sure that your website has all the right things in all the right places so that potential customers can find what they need within that few-second-window. Be sure that anything important that you need to convey to your customers can be found above the fold on the website. Any sign-up buttons, phone numbers, social media icons and business information is better noticed above the fold of your website.

Make navigation easy

Now that you’ve gotten the interest of your audience, the next step is to create a more pleasant experience inside your website as they make their purchase or inquiry. Opt for clean and crisp website design with easy navigation so that they can find their way around the website without much hassle. You will have to make sure that a customer can find what they need without having to click all over the place and getting frustrated in the process. Pop-up windows, forced sign-ins and auto play videos are all a big no-no to prevent potential customers from getting frustrated and clicking away to your competitor’s website. Instead, make your information easily accessible and your pages easy to find from anywhere in the website.

Get onboard the social media bandwagon

We cannot stress the importance of social media enough. Social media websites have a massive amount of activity online and businesses can take advantage of the free traffic and activity to get your brand name across as well as your business updates. Hashtags are great ways to appeal to specific audiences on various social media websites while Facebook advertisements are a great way to widen your reach. You don’t necessarily have to pay for social media services but paid ads may come in handy to create an audience faster.

Interact with your community

This is one of the easiest and most effective ways for website marketing companies to draw more traffic your way. By being active on community forums, commenting on other blog posts or sharing updates, a website can gain more views and later on, a higher conversion rate. However, it is important to keep in mind that this method has been employed by SEO companies all over the world. While genuine interaction is definitely a great idea, scattering links all over the internet on websites that have nothing to do with your own business trade may not be a very good idea as excessive comments with embedded links may count as spam and end up giving you a bad reputation. Instead, choose a more moderate and genuine approach to interact with your online community and focus on providing something of value to your audience rather than simply trying to get more likes or views.

Take advantage of free online listings

There are many websites such as Google Places where you can claim a free listing for your website. This will enable you to claim your presence on the internet as well as real life. Having your physical address, a photograph and directions to your business on well reputed websites such as Google Places is not only going to get you more views but it is also going to establish you as a real business.

Internet marketing is not as difficult as it may seem to most people. In reality, any company, however small or new, can take their own steps to make their website more visible to the right audience.

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