16 Mar Delray Beach Internet Marketing Gurus on Choosing the Best Keywords

Delray Beach Internet Marketing Gurus on Choosing the Best Keywords


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When it comes to creating a new website or modifying an existing one to suit SEO standards, the main concern is definitely the keywords. Unless you choose the ideal keywords, there is no way to tell search engines that the content in your website can answer specific user queries. The right keywords will make your website more visible to potential customers on a search engine and bring them in to make inquiries or to purchase what you have to offer. So what exactly is a perfect keyword? Some of the top Delray Beach internet marketing specialists provided some valuable insight into defining the perfect keyword and choosing what’s perfect for your website.

First things first: keywords are of exceptional value to an online campaign

It is the keywords that make or break your online marketing campaign. Of course, you can definitely rank your website without choosing keywords that perfectly match. In the end, the position on search engine results won’t matter unless you make sales. Someone who types a specific phrase into a search engine will look for information that is directly related to. When it comes to choosing keywords, be sure to keep that simple requirement in mind to make the right pick.

Start with your area of expertise

Your trade, area of business, niche, brand names and products are the first step to picking the right keywords. If you are dealing a specific brand, choose keywords that reflect the brand. If you are in a specific niche, choose keywords that are directly related. This is a good way to come up with a base for your keywords.

Consider your unique aspects

Do you offer something completely unique? Do you operate from a specific location? Combining your trade with a location or special offering is a great way to build good keywords. These will describe your business perfectly and answer search queries at the same time.

Check out what your competitors are doing

If you are launching an online campaign, identifying your competition is a highly important part of the process. Once you’ve identified the competition, you can then look into their keyword usage to get some ideas on your own. The most established competitors are most likely to have an online marketing scheme going on and adding a few of their most successful keywords into your plan will help you fine tune your keywords selection. SEO professionals have plenty of tools and tricks to obtain keywords from a competitor.

It’s not just the keywords

Once you have picked some words and phrases that work great with your website and its purpose, it is then time to check if they can be used. By simply being related to your trade and describing your services is not enough. Ideally, a keyword will work best if it is actually used by people. A keyword suggestion tool would be of excellent help measure the search volume of the options you have. Even the best keyword won’t fetch you many sales unless it has a good search volume that isn’t too competitive or too obscure.

Use your keywords wisely

This is where most people go wrong. You can have as many keywords as you need as there is no limit. You can use almost all the suitable options you have come up with along with a few misspelled options as you see fit. However, keywords need to be used with care to ensure the proper effect. Simply scattering them all around the website, creating content with the sole purpose of stuffing keywords and writing blog articles with titles and body leaden with keywords are definitely not good ways to approach keyword placement. Instead, separate your keywords to use in specific pages and write content that is related to the keywords, your business and the interest of your targeted readers for the best results. You can also add keywords into the website’s titles, headings, sub headings and meta data for search engines to easily read your site and to list you on their results. Placing keywords above the fold and as higher up in the code is a highly successful approach. Blogging is a great option when you have a long list to work with but be sure to not use more than 3 keywords per article. Additionally, off-page optimization methods such as social media and link building will also need to be tied together with the same keywords for maximum effect.

Monitor the performance

Although you may have found a selection of excellent keywords, you won’t be able to keep your website marketing campaign updated unless you monitor your progress and adjust accordingly. You may have to change your keywords from time to time (eg: seasonally, with new advancements to your trade, etc.) and monitoring the performance of each phrase is the best way to determine the next step.

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