16 Mar Delray Beach Internet Marketing Firm on SEO Trends for 2015

Delray Beach Internet Marketing Firm on SEO Trends for 2015



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Search Engine algorithms have seen many changes over the past few years and will continue on in the in an attempt to improve search result quality. Something that website owners and internet marketing companies need to keep in mind is that with the change of search engine algorithms come the changing of SEO strategies and methods. We have seen many SEO Practices go out of style over the past few years and have seen a rise in the importance given to creating quality content and social media campaigns. With 2015 almost upon us, Delray Beach internet marketing professionals decided to share some of the upcoming trends and tips on how to make them work for the development of your SEO campaigns.

Keywords and phrases with a conversational tone

With 2013’s Google Hummingbird update, many changes were made to the way in which keywords were interpreted. One of the most prominent changes brought on by the Hummingbird update was the algorithm change that improved how it understands phrases that carry a more conversational tone. For example, when a user would type in a question, the entire phrase is understood and returned with relevant results instead of taking each word separately. This poses new challenges to SEO professionals. We suggest using trustworthy websites to build links and using more natural anchor text as opposed to using keywords. Adding useful, entertaining and above all, sharable content to your website is definitely a must while also carrying a strong social media presence over all the major platforms.

Traditional link building with brand mentions

Inbound links are still very much valid but Google interprets them in a different way. Before it was more about the quantity of links and the more links you had, the higher your website ranked. As of now, Google takes into account ‘brand mentions’ that are also known as ‘implied links’ along with the ratio of their distribution across the web. Brand mentions are created when other websites mention your company, website or brand without adding a link. Staying ahead of this trend will require you to get links from a wider range of sources of higher reputation. It is very important to build your brand authority with great care as this is very important for a higher rank. The idea is to not make your SEO campaign appear too obvious and to make things seem more natural instead.

Content will continue to reign

No matter how good your SEO strategy may be, it is doomed to fail without high quality content. If you are planning on ranking for search terms that are relevant and valuable, then you have to continue to create great content. Many SEO experts agree that content ‘content is king’ and will remain to reign in 2015.

Social Media will continue to be of utmost importance

Google’s algorithms are considered to be the closest comparison that we have for an artificial intelligence to date. Social signals created by real humans will be extremely important in SEO and therefore, a proper social media strategy is a must for a high ranking website in 2015. It is important to understand that social media is not going to go away. For those who are reluctant or late to get in touch with social media, it is high time that you include the popular social networks in your SEO campaign as the effect is substantial. It is also important to keep in mind that you need to always keep your target audience in mind and to pay attention to delivering top notch content.

Mobile optimization is a must

Mobile websites are nothing new but they are definitely going to stick around in and beyond 2015. While mobile optimization is also not a new thing, it is important to adapt it if you already haven’t. 20% of the population of the world own a smartphone and are accessing the internet with it. Unless your website is properly optimized for mobile devices, you will be driving your mobile users away, most probably in search of a competitor. A desktop site can be viewed on a mobile phone but nowadays, visitors are quick to simply tap away if they see a website that will need to be zoomed in and scrolled endlessly. Mobile websites are built for mobile device screens specifically and are designed in such a way as to present all your important information in a simple and convenient way. Since Google’s algorithm now takes factors such as bounce rates in to serious consideration, a bad user experience may cause you to lose points and your rankings.

The most evident trend for 2015 is the fact that a traditional SEO campaign is most likely not to be enough to get a website to rank. The website’s design, content, social media presence and backlinks all come together to create a truly successful and well-rounded SEO campaign.

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