Internet Marketing Guide to Increase Web Traffic

Internet Marketing Guide to Increase Web Traffic


Publishing content is the most important part of any Website Marketing strategy. However, simply publishing content on a blog is not going to enhance your web traffic over night. Social media is an integral part of any internet marketing strategy and it has to be used the right way, to achieve the desired results.

social_network_logos_58306Once you have published a blog post, the next step is to simply, share it on your social media profiles. As a result, you will get a number of clicks from the links shared in each social media profile. However, if you share the content again and again, the results will also increase with each share. While the results are positively great, the next question to ask is whether the practice is actually a good idea.  Here is what a professional internet marketing company has to say about sharing your content effectively on social media.

Is it a good idea to share the same content more than once?

There has been quite some debate about sharing content more than once. At one point or other, you may have encountered company websites that share the same thing over and over again at a rather annoyingly fast pace and the companies who do this in a tasteful manner that you just might come across an old post that you didn’t see when it was originally posted. The results from sharing the same content a few times, not only brings more traffic but it also allows users to keep you in their minds and for them to reach all of your important pieces of content. Unlike your RSS subscribers, social media followers don’t get to see and read every post you share. If you don’t share your links a few times over, some users may miss the updates.

There’s a difference between sharing content a few times and spamming

Nobody wants to subscribe to a social media profile that bombards its users with posts. In fact, you just might find it annoying if any of the Twitter, Facebook or Instagram users that you follow tend to share items every hour or less than every hour. If you are using this method, it is very close to spamming and may cause your subscribers to disconnect with you. Of course, since sharing your content a few times is definitely effective, it would help you to stick to a few important rules as not to annoy your subscribers and to drive them away. First of all, think of what makes you consider a user as a spammer and then draw the line there to help you figure out the right way to share. If you don’t like to see something on a user’s feed, don’t make it appear on your profile. This is a rather effective way of figuring out what your users are thinking as it is highly likely that more than one person feels the same as you do. Make sure that your content is always of high quality to give something valuable to your users so that they will actually benefit from your shares.

Sharing your content effectively will require a good schedule

It is very important that you understand how different social media channels work and to create a sharing schedule to suit each one. For instance, Twitter is highly dynamic and works great with more frequent shares. Facebook needs to be handled with more care with you re-sharing content only about once a month while Google Plus is also pretty much the same. Of course, it is very important to not share the same content with the same message more than once. For instance, if you are sharing tips, you can use tip 1 as a teaser for the first share and tip 4 as a teaser for the second share to keep the messages varied. Asking different questions, quoting different parts of the articles and even varying the image can get you the desired results. The idea is to never let the message get stale and repeated even though you are sharing the same piece.

Additionally, you will also need to structure your shares differently for each social network. What you share on Instagram is not going to be the same as what you share on Twitter. The writing of the message is different for each network and it needs to be tackled properly for the best results. Some networks work better with images and videos and Regardless of the social media platform in question, the idea is to make the message seem compelling, intriguing and interesting.

Be sure to keep an eye on the performance

Once you have figured out the right social sharing strategy, the next step is to keep a close eye on how things go. As you progress along, be sure to keep an eye on any increases or decreases in your interactions. Are you gaining more clicks and shares or losing them? The feedback of your users is of utmost importance. After all, they are the ones who are seeing what you post. Take negative reviews with a grain of salt if you are noticing one or two complaints among hundreds of compliments. If you are noticing a decrease in engagement after a while, it may be a sign of a newsfeed that is way too busy and that users are simply scrolling through your posts. Monitoring your performance and the feedback you get from users is a must to tweak your campaign until you attain just the right balance.

The right social media sharing approach is the key to a successful content marketing strategy. These tips are certain to help you develop the right approach to suit your business. The right website content company or blogging services provider can always help you in any step of the way.

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The Right Content Marketing Approach to Generate Traffic in 2015

The Right Content Marketing Approach to Generate Traffic in 2015


Content continues to be the biggest driver of traffic in any internet marketing strategy in the new year. According to statistics, about 77% of internet users read blogs while 52% check out the blog and any advice listed on it before making purchasing decisions. Additionally, 57% of online businesses have made sales and acquired new customers with the aid of their blogs. Needless to say, developing a good blog and maintaining it properly is an absolute must for any online business. Of course, competition is nothing new to online marketers and it is very important to understand that blogs too need to work hard to rise above their competition.

threedimensional_digital_letter_vector_160793There are many different approaches to making sure that your content truly matters. You ought to focus your blogging effort to increase your visibility on search engines as well as to establish your business as a credible and legitimate entity on the internet. A good blogging strategy will also allow you to engage with your target audience at a personal level to prompt repeated visits as well as user engagement.

According to internet marketing services providers, the right content strategy needs to focus on creating specific types of content to attract more attention amid the sea of competitors.

Dive into your subject

There are those who seek easy-to-digest content while they look for information on the web. However, a well-researched article with plenty of important detail will be of great use for quick readers as well as in-depth readers. The fact that advanced content can provide all the right information to a search query will make it useful for your target audience. Some businesses provide advanced information in the form of eBooks, manuals, guides as well as webinars and even online lessons. It is perfectly all right to cash in on providing advanced content by releasing the information for a fee or in exchange for a subscription. You will exchange your in-depth knowledge about the subject on which you specialize and then obtain valuable contact information that will become crucial for further interaction and sales.

Accurate product reviews

If you are selling a product, your first instinct is to make it look as good as you can. In reality, over 33% of buyers say that they place more trust in the recommendations and reviews made by consumers as opposed to businesses and professionals. The fact that a consumer looks at the product strictly from their perspective makes their account much more credible than a professional who is attempting to make a sale or a business, out to make profits. If you are selling a good product or a good service, allow an opportunity for your customers to provide their honest feedback on your website. With the reviews presented in your own website, your audience won’t have to go too far to find honest user experiences to help them make their decision. Social media platform reviews such as Facebook reviews and Google+ reviews also matter a great deal. Businesses that are quick to provide their thanks to positive reviews and to address negative reviews to rectify any problem are given more trust than businesses that don’t.

Infographics are excellent for data presentation

If you have gathered important data from a self-conducted study or from a variety of sources, presenting them in cohesive yet interesting manner is not always easy. Thanks to infographics, people now pay more attention to statistical dataas the information is easy to digest and isn’t hidden among dull blocks of text. It is a known fact that people retain about 80% of what they see but only about 20% of the information that they read, infographics are among the most effective methods of presenting valuable industry data among a wide audience. Regardless of your specific trade, it is very important that you give infographics a try if you have particularly useful yet rather dull information that will be of value to your target audience. Infographics tend to be enjoyed and shared more often than a simple image or a block of text. In fact, your information doesn’t even have to be statistical to be placed on an infograph. You can create infographs with tutorials, interesting facts, updates and even external information to great success. The key is to be creative and to present information in a condensed form to captivate your audience. Don’t forget to tie in your infographs with your social media campaign.

Address to real problems and provide real solution

Self-promotion and updates are great for a blog. But if you only have promotional information, that won’t be very well-received by users or search engines. In reality, the best choice would be to consider addressing real issues related to your trade. Providing in-depth solutions to real problems that people have will be an excellent way to promote user engagement as well as to give your visitors something truly valuable to enjoy. Sharing your expertise with the your customers and your target audience is always a good thing and will reward you. Once again, this sort of approach ties-in perfectly with a social media campaign. You can easily use platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to help your users voice their problems and employ your blog to answer them.

In reality, not everyone is able to write in such a way as to convey correct information in a cohesive and interesting manner. This is where you can seek the assistance of professional blogging services providers to handle your content. With the right approach, any business can gain a loyal following and enhance their reach and revenue.

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Design the Perfect Logo – Top 8 Secrets of Logo Design Companies

Design the Perfect Logo – Top 8 Secrets of Logo Design Companies


If you are a business in search for a great logo, you will have to consider quite a few things to make sure that everything is perfect. While for some companies, things are as simple as typing out the company name, the majority of businesses have to take a number of important logo design considerations into account. Sure, there are plenty of websites that offer free logos, online logo building platforms and even offer their services at unbelievably low rates. However, if you are looking for something eye catching, unique and positively perfect, you might want to look elsewhere and take the following factors into consideration.

hair_salon_logo_template_vector_1571021. Simplicity always works!

If you consider top brands such as Nike and Apple, you will notice the simplicity of the logo. Although the companies are highly established enough for people to recognize the logos at a glance, you can give a portion of the credit to the logo design. Simple yet expertly designed logos will communicate your message without creating much visual clutter. While it doesn’t always have to be a single image in one color such as Apple or Nike, it can be something that is designed in such a way as to stick in the mind.

2. Visual double entendres can do wonders!

Some image based logos can have more than one meaning and in the world of logo design, this is a great sign of creativity. If a logo can make people take a second look and capture the second image, it would make a great choice as long as both interpretations are directly related to the business. Believe it or not, people love to check out logos and to try and spot the second image as a sort of entertaining mind game. Logos such as these come across as creative and clever while also acting as a fantastic portrayal of your business to the world.

3. The right colors are crucial!

Color plays a very important part in logo design. When used correctly, colors can draw in the users’ eyes and to get them thinking. In reality, different colors have different meanings and are often associated with different things. With logos, it is very important to choose the right colors to not only suit your niche but also to draw a person’s eye and to relay the message more creatively. Of course, being attractive doesn’t hurt either!

4. Ripping off other logos is highly frowned upon

Sometimes, a business owner may have their own selection of logos that they like and may have ideas on incorporating some of the elements into creating their own. In reality, this can be done but it needs to be done with care. Just like everything else, logo trends also come and go. For businesses, it may be tempting to try and copy something that is successful and noticed. However, at the end of the day, the logos will only look uninspired and unoriginal. Instead, look for something new and unique and use small concepts for inspiration rather than taking an entire design or a significant portion.

5. Make it noticeable!

In some rare cases, a logo may contain an element that is not directly (or indirectly) related to the business in anyway. While most of these images have some kind of deeper meaning, others may simply have a random image that people will immediately begin to associate with the business. Even something strikingly simple can be used to create this effect and it must be noted that this is not something that works in every situation. Then again, when it works, it will definitely grab the attention and deliver the results as you intend.

6. Employ a sense of movement

If you take a look at the evolution of the Twitter logo, you will see that the little blue bird went from sitting perched all the way to taking flight in an upward motion. Most businesses employ a sense of movement to the image elements on their logos to make it seem more interesting and dynamic. The more active a logo looks, the more energetic the perception will be. This can help create a sort of positive vibe as well as to create something unique and interesting.

7. Avoid clichés

The font, ‘Helvetica’ has earned a reputation for being the cliché logo font. Many top notch logo design companies avoid the font unless absolutely unavoidable. Other clichés include arcs over the top of the letters, random dots or squares that make no sense or bear any relation to the brand and overlapping first letters. Needless to say, these designs were very successful at one point and people associated them with the businesses that first came up with them. However, as time passed and more people began exploiting the concepts, these ideas became stale clichés. If you wish to create something great, avoid clichés and look into creating something new and exciting.

8. Create a logo with a story

So you have a great company name and a business that’s ready to take over the world, your logo definitely matters a great deal for a successful next step. In reality, the most memorable logos have some kind of a story or meaning behind them. This could be directly related to the niche, the business itself or the owner. In the end, logos with interesting stories behind them tend to get more noticed and appreciated.

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Web Design Company Reveals the Top 7 Web Design Mistakes to Avoid

Web Design Company Reveals the Top 7 Web Design Mistakes to Avoid


Have you ever clicked away from a website in pure frustration? Most of us have faced this situation and the main reason is of course, poor website design. While websites have come a long way from garish graphics, lurid animations and slow loading Flash videos, there are still quite a few mistakes that can be easily avoided with a bit of attention to detail. As a web design company with many years of online marketing experience behind us, Social Fishing decided to discuss some of the worst web design mistakes that simply must be avoided at all costs to keep visitors coming back to your website.

business_information_technology_image_01_hd_pictures_1687191. Slow loading pages

This is one of the most frustrating things for a website user and may even cost you quite a few potential customers. Web surfers are well known to be highly impatient and they are fully aware that if a site is too slow, they can simply click away to another. The reason for a slow site can be anything from too many Flash elements all the way to pointless graphics and bad hosting companies. Be sure to ensure that your site loads fast before anything else.

2. Pop-up windows

If you have set up your site to have pop-up windows at any point of navigation (including when a user clicks the back button) this can be an instant deal breaker to some users. Even worse than pop-up windows are of course, pop-up windows with auto playing audio or video! Many browsers actually block pop-up windows and this means that any valuable information placed on these windows might not even be seen by your potential clients. Therefore, simply avoid them.

3. Making the contact information hard to find

If you check out any good website, you will note that they have their contact information and a button that leads to a contact form in several easily noticeable spots on the website. If a visitor wishes to contact you, it is very important that they are given the relevant information to find what they need without having to look too hard. Additionally, you can also integrate a map to your location to help your visitors find your physical location or locations if you have multiple outlets. This is highly important to help clients contact you fast as well as to appear as a legitimate business.

4. Poor navigation

If your online marketing company suggests that you fix your website’s navigation to provide a better user experience, be sure to listen to them as this is one of the most important things on a website. The internet is all about speed and convenience and if a user has feels confused and lost among the pages of your website and can’t figure out where to go, you may need to look into fixing your navigation to make everything easily accessible in a couple of clicks. It is very important that all pages have a link back to the home page of your website. The navigation bar should always be present in each and every page of your site along with information on where you currently are, to help visitors get around the site easily.

5. Auto playing video or audio

Ever clicked on a page on your laptop and spent forever trying to figure out where that ‘noise’ is coming from and closed the window just because you couldn’t? This has happened to most of us and may experience the high bounce rate on your website if you also happen to have auto playing audio or video. Audio and video need to be used with extreme care and it is always advised that you only include it with a play button so that users can choose whether to play it or not.

6. Overall bad design

You may feel tempted to DIY your website or to hand it over to the cheapest bidder. In reality, a qualified web designer with great skills and honed experience will always charge higher and will guarantee a better design. Creating a site with a consistent design, choosing colors with extreme care and making sure to present your content in the right places are all part of the design. Even though it may cost you more, investing on a proper designer with the right skills will guarantee a better website with all the right things in the right places.

7. Not investing in SEO

With today’s high competition among websites, it is very important to consult a Search Engine Optimization company to help your website become more visible on the internet.  This will ensure that your navigation, content and overall design is created for maximum search engine visibility. Additionally, investing in SEO will also remove any unnecessary elements on your website and devote the space to providing valuable and important information to your users in the most concise manner possible.

Creating a perfect website takes a lot of time and effort as well as quite a bit of research. If you are revamping your site or building an all new site, be sure to avoid these mistakes or work on fixing them if any of them already exist. A better website will lead to more business and better returns. Always invest in the right professionals and focus on keeping things simple, concise and convenient for your users to provide them with the best experience.

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Top Traits of a Great Internet Marketing Company

Top Traits of a Great Internet Marketing Company


Choosing the right Internet Marketing Company is an absolute must for those who wish to succeed in today’s competitive market. Just like your competitors, the internet is full of possibilities and great online marketing companies to help make your business more visible and to gain more customers. However among these professionals are quite a few frauds and those who employ low quality methods that may affect your online reputation and the results expected from your campaign. Instead, what you should look for is a quality services provider who employs ethical and approved methods to help hoist your website up to the top of the rankings.

hd_gestures_01_hd_picture_168146How does one identify a quality internet marketer? There are quite a few distinctive traits that you can watch out for, to make sure that you make a smart choice. These traits and qualities not only help potential clients identify an internet marketer’s true nature while also contributing to the success of your campaign.


If you come across an online marketing or SEO Specialist who keeps their methods private or does not describe them to you, it might mean that they are not employing the most reputed methods. It is a known fact that some black-hat and shady online promotion methods have a way of presenting almost immediate results while tarnishing the reputation of the website they are associated with. A quality online marketer won’t have a problem showing their reports and methods to clients as there is nothing to hide.


Unrealistic promises, offers that seem too good to be true and unlikely goals are often a sign of an online marketer with something to hide. A quality services provider will make a point to highlight the entire campaign and to provide you with a near-accurate estimation of how long the results will take to show along with realistic assumptions and goals. Needless to say, these may not be what you would ideally like to hear with your eagerness to reach the top. However, an honest estimation is always better than false expectations and the many excuses that are certain to follow.

Great Problem-Solving Skills

When you plan your campaign and set your goals and objectives along with the methods, it is completely natural to run into problems, difficulties and complications. These challenges are best approached by professionals with excellent problem solving skills to ensure a suitable solution. The standards of internet marketing change with time and problems may arise halfway through a successful campaign. The ideal professional must have the necessary knowledge and skills to embrace the changes and to make them work with your requirements.


Creativity is a must for online marketers of all kinds. Even the most essential skills, copywriting and design require a considerable level of creativity and innovative thinking. Many low-grade online marketers make do with stolen designs and spun content. In reality, the best marketers will take the time and effort to think outside the box and to come up with great ways to market your product or services to the right audience.

Maintaining communication

If your marketing professionals take days to respond to emails and rarely call you back when you leave a message, it might be time to look elsewhere. Those who truly value their clients will make the effort to stay in touch. Aside from taking your calls, a good online marketing professional will also provide regular updates on the progress of your campaign as well. Transparency is a must for a good working relationship with an online marketer and maintaining proper communication will ensure that you are always well informed and up to date.

Proven results and good client feedback

One of the main things that will tell you about how successful an internet marketer would be is the success of their other clients. If you are looking at several SEO companies or online marketers, be sure to ask for a few links to existing or former clients, reports for the work performed for them as well as their testimonials. An honest provider won’t hesitate to provide you with this information to help you make your decision and to strengthen your relationship.

With so many online marketing companies out there, finding the right one may seem like a daunting task. In reality, if you know the right qualities to seek, then your decision would be made considerably easier. Be sure to look closely at each candidate and to compare them carefully before you settle on one. Asking the right questions and watching out for key answers will help you fathom out the nature of your candidates and help you make a more informed decision.


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Internet Marketing Professionals Predict Upcoming SEO Trends for 2015

Internet Marketing Professionals Predict Upcoming SEO Trends for 2015


Search Engine algorithms have seen many changes over the past few years and will continue on in the in an attempt to improve search result quality. Something that website owners and internet marketing companies need to keep in mind is that with the change of search engine algorithms come the changing of SEO strategies and methods. We have seen many SEO Practices go out of style over the past few years and have seen a rise in the importance given to creating quality content and social media campaigns. With 2015 almost upon us, internet marketing experts decided to share some of the upcoming trends and tips on how to make them work for the development of your SEO campaigns.

Keywords and phrases with a conversational tone

social_media_buttons_148654With 2013’s Google Hummingbird update, many changes were made to the way in which keywords were interpreted. One of the most prominent changes brought on by the Hummingbird update was the algorithm change that improved how it understands phrases that carry a more conversational tone. For example, when a user would type in a question, the entire phrase is understood and returned with relevant results instead of taking each word separately. This poses new challenges to SEO professionals. We suggest using trustworthy websites to build links and using more natural anchor text as opposed to using keywords. Adding useful, entertaining and above all, shareable content to your website is definitely a must while also carrying a strong social media presence over all the major platforms.

Traditional link building with brand mentions

Inbound links are still very much valid but Google interprets them in a different way. Before it was more about the quantity of links and the more links you had, the higher your website ranked. As of now, Google takes into account ‘brand mentions’ that are also known as ‘implied links’ along with the ratio of their distribution across the web. Brand mentions are created when other websites mention your company, website or brand without adding a link. Staying ahead of this trend will require you to get links from a wider range of sources of higher reputation. It is very important to build your brand authority with great care as this is very important for a higher rank. The idea is to not make your SEO campaign appear too obvious and to make things seem more natural instead.

Content will continue to reign

No matter how good your SEO strategy may be, it is doomed to fail without high quality content. If you are planning on ranking for search terms that are relevant and valuable, then you have to continue to create great content. Many SEO experts agree that content ‘content is king’ and will remain to reign in 2015.

Social Media will continue to be of utmost importance

Google’s algorithms are considered to be the closest comparison that we have for an artificial intelligence to date. Social signals created by real humans will be extremely important in SEO and therefore, a proper social media strategy is a must for a high ranking website in 2015. It is important to understand that social media is not going to go away. For those who are reluctant or late to get in touch with social media, it is high time that you include the popular social networks in your SEO campaign as the effect is substantial. It is also important to keep in mind that you need to always keep your target audience in mind and to pay attention to delivering top notch content.

Mobile optimization is a must

Mobile websites are nothing new but they are definitely going to stick around in and beyond 2015. While mobile optimization is also not a new thing, it is important to adapt it if you already haven’t. 20% of the population of the world own a smartphone and are accessing the internet with it. Unless your website is properly optimized for mobile devices, you will be driving your mobile users away, most probably in search of a competitor. A desktop site can be viewed on a mobile phone but nowadays, visitors are quick to simply tap away if they see a website that will need to be zoomed in and scrolled endlessly. Mobile websites are built for mobile device screens specifically and are designed in such a way as to present all your important information in a simple and convenient way. Since Google’s algorithm now takes factors such as bounce rates in to serious consideration, a bad user experience may cause you to lose points and your rankings.

The most evident trend for 2015 is the fact that a traditional SEO campaign is most likely not to be enough to get a website to rank. The website’s design, content, social media presence and backlinks all come together to create a truly successful and well-rounded SEO campaign.

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SEO Friendly Web Design Tips

SEO Friendly Web Design Tips


It is a known fact that getting your website right from an SEO point of view is the most economical way of ensuring its success on leading search engines. Doing a rush job on your website and then paying extra to get it up to SEO standards is not a good idea if you are starting a website. Many Delray Beach Social Media Marketing and SEO providers agree that it is always a good move to get your website on the right track from the first steps.

Here are some simple, yet highly effective web design tips that will help you get your website right on the first attempt.

Focus on creating quality content

seo_vector_5_155666Quality content is of utmost importance for a website. Not only does the content have to contain information about the website but this information should be carefully presented in a style that works with the company’s business and their customers’ preference. The idea is to create content that people would want to read and provides something valuable to them. Aside from the website’s content on the home, about and any product or services pages, it is highly recommended to create a blog to keep the content fresh. You don’t have to be an accomplished writer as you can always hire experienced writers and professional blogging services providers to create the right type of content for your website.

Use keywords with caution

We are well past the time when websites used to have random blocks of keywords just to get crawled by search engines. Nowadays, keywords have to be carefully and seamlessly integrated into the content so that they are frequent enough to be picked up by search engines but not too frequent as to disturb the flow of the content. They can be effectively used in page titles, content, headers and links. Be sure to only use keywords that are directly linked to your business and appropriate for your services.

Keep the coding clean

Search engines don’t like messy code on a website. When a website has clean coding, it is much easier for them to read. Things like incorrect semantics, bad links and repeated header tags are quite common in many websites and are not at all appropriate by search engine specifications. It is also important to load your CSS and Javascript externally and to decrease page load times as much as possible.

HTML text is the preferred option

Websites can now be adorned with as much custom fonts as needed thanks to live HTML text. This eliminates the need for too many images and Flash and also provides search engines with an opportunity to index the text.

Proper page titles are a must

You may have seen page titles that trail on but don’t really describe the page. Stuffing the page title with keywords that don’t accurately describe the page is something very bad for a website. Instead of focusing on using keywords, work on creating short titles that describe the page followed by the name of the website. If the contents page can be described with a keyword then that is definitely a bonus.

Construct links with care

Creating links to different parts of your website is an essential part of helping people navigate through it. However, instead of simply saying ‘Download’ or ‘Click Here’, users always prefer more specific links such as ‘Click Here for a List of Services’ or ‘Download our Products Catalogue’. This is a great tip to help search engines index your website while also making the user experience much more pleasant.

Give more focus to Google’s guidelines

Google is the most widely used search engine in the world. In fact, the act of searching for something on the internet itself is referred to as ‘googling’. Therefore, giving higher priority to the guidelines of Google is a must when it comes to optimizing your website. In reality, Google’s rankings matter the most when it comes to building your brand. Once you have directed your SEO efforts on Google, you can focus on the other search engines.

Consider W3C standards

Following the standards of W3C when you create your website is a very good idea to present your users with a hassle free experience. While you don’t necessarily have to follow these guidelines to the letter, you can simply run the code through a couple of W3C standard checkers in order to get an idea on what you can improve. As a result, your pages will be much friendlier towards search engines.

In the end, building a great website is all about giving your users something worthy of their time and attention. When you pay attention to creating a pleasant user experience and a good online reputation for your brand, your website will turn out great from an SEO perspective as well. When it comes to hiring a web designer and developer to handle your website, be sure to ask about their experience in SEO compliant websites to make sure that you don’t have to spend extra to clean up your site later on. There are plenty of competent website marketing professionals with the right knowledge and experience to help you create a fantastic website and it is very important to choose the right one for the job.


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How to Promote Customer Loyalty through Social Media

How to Promote Customer Loyalty through Social Media


While acquiring new customers is the best way for a business to become more popular, making sure that your existing customers are happy is equally important. It is the long lasting relationships that will help your business gain more value as a brand and to grow steadily with time.

records_auszutausch_reviews_218962Social media is one of the best ways of promoting customer loyalty. In fact, many Delray Beach internet marketing professionals swear by social media to help businesses maintain loyal customers. Whether you are a retailer or a services provider, there are many ways to employ easily accessible social networks to enhance the value of your brand and to keep your customers returning for more.

Don’t focus exclusively on selling your product

If you are to create a loyal social media following and returning customers, the first thing you need to do is to come up with a strategy to not simply sell your products and services to your audience. Not a lot of people would subscribe to receive your updates if they are solely about your products and services. Some of you may argue that without promoting your products, you won’t make sales. While this is definitely true, promoting your products exclusively will not create loyalty.

For starters, do some research surrounding your niche and find out the ways that you can appeal to users by providing them with useful information. For instance, if you are selling a product, provide tips on maintaining it, interesting information about its history and anything surrounding the general purpose of the product. Let’s take a smoothie maker for example. You can grab the attention of your audience by promoting your product and showcasing its unique features. In order to maintain that captivation, provide them with instructions on making the most of the product, interesting stories from older versions of smoothie makers and balance everything out by posting regularly about the benefits of healthy smoothies and smoothie recipes to try out.

When the information that you provide is actually useful for them beyond purchasing a product or employing you for a service, your audience will keep coming back for updates and even refer you to other potential customers.

Think of your audience and local business community as a family

This is a great tip for local businesses. If you are planning on creating a loyal local audience who will continue to use your services, then it is very important to work on building up a community with the other businesses in your neighborhood. Teaming up with like-minded business owners on social media or other businesses who can work with you will help you and those businesses to communicate more effectively with the audience while possibly, giving something back. For instance, if you are a bakery, catering to a local clientele, you can build up a network by using produce from the local organic farm or meat from the local butcher shop to make your own products. Advertising this on Facebook or any other appropriate social media network will help you and your partners to become more visible and to win the admiration of their audience.

Address industry related issues

Just about any industry has their fair share of problems. From quality control all the way to misuse of products, there are many issues that are raised and need to be addressed by those who are actually employed within these industries. It is very important to devote a specific portion of your social media campaign time to focus on various industry-related issues and to provide your opinions and suggestions for solutions. This will not only provide something for the audiences to ponder but also a helpful nudge in the right direction. For instance, if you are in the SEO business, one of the main concerns for you and your clients is the regular updates to Google’s algorithm. Not only is this an important method for search quality to be regularly improved but also a great way to weed out low quality search results that are an annoyance to businesses and users alike. With updates come confusion and revisions to SEO strategies. As an SEO company, discussing the ways in which different types of businesses may be affected and the different strategies as well as new ideas is a great way to keep your audience informed and captivated.

Discussing industry issues also creates transparency for your audience. You can keep an eye out for trending topics and engage with hashtags to let your voice be heard. While improving your own visibility, taking part in industry specific conversations also win the trust and admiration of your existing audience.

Take good care of your existing customers

People are quick to complain on social media and to tag your business for the whole world to see. Paying attention to positive and negative reviews by your customers is an important part of rewarding their loyalty and giving them a reason to come back to you. If someone asks a question about your business on social media, be sure to answer it promptly and politely. Sure, you may have your own support desk set up but social media is much more convenient for them. Whether the question is positive, negative, inquisitive or accusatory, be sure to remain calm and to answer politely and genuinely work at helping them. This will be highly appreciated by your customer and they will definitely spread the word about your performance.


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Delray Beach Internet Marketing Experts Share the Top 4 Social Media Rules

Delray Beach Internet Marketing Experts Share the Top 4 Social Media Rules


Social media has become one of the most effective marketing channels that offer a worldwide reach, a chance to target specific demographics and an opportunity to create instant updates all at a minimal cost. Compared to traditional marketing techniques, social media offers businesses a chance to handle the work themselves if they have the time.

1627-businessNowadays, the average user will always take a bit of time to check the website or the Facebook page of a company, store or restaurant before they even decide to contact them. The way that a company handles themselves over the internet can give a great deal of insight into their level of professionalism and just how satisfied their patrons are. Therefore, we decided to share some of the top social media rules to make sure that your online campaign works at reflecting your business in a positive light while also marketing your products and services.

Rule 1 – Pick your social media networks with care

While it may be tempting to try out any network that goes live, it could lead to a great deal of wasted time and resources. Many Delray Beach internet marketing experts state that choosing the right social media networks can make a world of difference in just how successful your campaign will be. Let’s take Instagram for example: the network has millions of users from all over the world and allows you to connect with them via images. However, if you are an accounting firm or a company that deals in software or other trade that isn’t as visually appealing, Instagram might not be your perfect choice. The likes of Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are safe choices for almost any business and therefore, you have higher hopes of reaching the right audience.

Rule 2 – Post regularly and at the right time

Your social media audience has subscribed to your with the hopes of getting regular updates. If you don’t post updates at least once a day, they may lose interest, consider your profile as inactive and unsubscribe. On the other hand, it’s important to make sure that you don’t go overboard with the posts. Things like sharing old posts in rapid succession, posting promotional updates more than once or twice a day and ‘begging’ for likes and shares are seen as highly inappropriate social media behavior. Of course, some of you may argue that if you don’t post constantly, people may not notice you. In reality, you have to pick the perfect moment to release your posts in order to get people to notice you. For instance, Facebook users are most likely to notice your posts if they are released toward the end of the week as most users are likely to log in for distractions when they are in a workday slump. It’s often considered safe bet to release your posts in the beginning of the day for people to notice them.

Rule 3 – Use quality content and lots of images

Currently, in the world of SEO and social media, ‘content is king’! Whether you like it or not, you will have to pay attention to creating quality content if you are to stay ahead of your competition. Anything duplicated, stolen, spun or poorly written is most likely to go unnoticed or noticed for all the wrong reasons. If you are not much of a writer, you can always invest in a professional blogging services provider or a social media company to help you create quality content to post. Of course, not all content has to be in the form of writing or articles. You can effectively attract the attention of your users with the aid of images, infographics and videos as well. Once again, if you are not a graphics designer or good at making videos, you can always hire a professional to do the job for you.

Rule 4 – Always be graceful and polite

Negative comments are a staple in online marketing regardless of the quality of your content. In fact, there are those who do this on a regular basis. Most commonly referred to as ‘trolls’, this type of users are not at all hard to identify. Most of them have negative reviews, make irrational arguments and often don’t bother with proper grammar, spelling and may even resort to expletives. Instead of getting into arguments with them, it’s best to state your point clearly and in a professional manner and to handle yourself with grace. Your genuine users will be watching your actions and it is very important to maintain a high level of professionalism to avoid looking bad in their eyes. Something important to remember is that not all negative comments are trolls. Some of your clients may post their bad experiences with your company on your profile and it is important to handle them professionally as well. Be sure to ask for the date of their business and compare the details with your records to ensure that you are in fact, dealing with a real customer and then address to the issue in the most polite manner possible.

While not set in stone, these social media rules are definitely relevant in the running of a successful social media campaign. Whether you are working with a professional internet marketer or taking the DIY approach, be extremely careful as to consider these rules to create a winning social media strategy.

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Top 6 Blogging Tips from Delray Beach Internet Marketing Experts

Top 6 Blogging Tips from Delray Beach Internet Marketing Experts


SEO and Social Media have seen massive changes over the past few years. Nowadays, it’s all about having a great blog. While shady link building and comment spam has seen a noticeable decline, today’s SEO practices are entwined with social media and direct interaction with the audience. Blogs have become a highly useful way of keeping a website’s content up-to-date and changing while also acting as a direct marketing channel.

Blog conceptWith people spending more and more time on social media and finding information on the internet, there really is no avoiding the blogging bandwagon if you wish to attract an audience and keep them coming back for more.  Creating a great blog is all about making sure that you post top quality content that is relevant to your trade and valuable to your ideal audience. Here are our top blogging tips on how you can build a great blog for your brand.

1. Research your target audience

Who is your ideal client? What are their interests and expectations from your business? Before you do anything on your blog, take your time to analyze your ideal audience and to narrow down their preferences and requirements so that you can create appealing content. For instance, the ideal audience for an SEO company would be different businesses of various sizes. They are most often on the lookout for easy tips, affordable services packages and industry related updates. In order to attract these users, you simply have to provide what they seek. It’s as simple as that!

2. Create a pleasant experience for your users

The readers of your blog won’t visit it if you bombard them with pop up ads, force them to sign up or if your website provides difficult navigation. Be sure to take a tour of your website and to make sure that users can easily find their way around it. In addition, be extra cautious of the design elements as a poorly designed website creates a very bad first impression. A good rule to stick to is to keep things simple, easy on the eyes and clutter free. By all means avoid auto-playing features as these are always considered to be an annoying surprise.

3. Create quality content

Content is not just words and articles. In fact, an image, an infographic or even a video is considered to be content and what you actually need to worry about is making sure that it is of the highest quality. Of course, not every business owner is able to write, create graphic designs or make videos and therefore, it will be necessary to hire professionals for the job. Be sure to hire professionals with plenty of experience in creating the type of content you seek and to only post 100% original and error-free content on your blog. Always be open for new ideas and interesting stories on the news to come up with great blogging topics that will tie in very well with current trending topics.

4. Create content regularly

One great article is not enough to market a website; especially with the massive competition. In reality, blogging is something that will need to be kept consistent and regular. Many Delray Beach social media marketing experts recommend a minimum of 2 blog posts a week to keep a blog updated. If you can do more, then go for it!

5. Tie your blog together with social media

As mentioned earlier, blogging and social media goes hand in hand. You will need to link your blog (and the rest of your website) to your social media accounts as well as to provide the necessary features for users to share your content. Adding like, share and pin buttons is very important for successful blogging. When a user comes across something they found to be useful and interesting, they wouldn’t hesitate to share it with others.

6. Keep things friendly and interesting

You might be a fun start-up or a corporate giant but when it comes to maintaining your audience’s interest, you have to be a little creative. Even the highest quality content won’t do much good if it isn’t presented properly. Always use images, slideshows and where applicable, infographics as users love to share these. If you are creating written content, you need to make sure that you avoid large blocks of text. Instead, break up the content in to smaller paragraphs, lists or small segments to create structure and to keep users engaged.

Blogging is easy and simple yet highly effective when done properly. If you are not certain of how to proceed, you can always seek a company that provides professional blogging services to help you get things started the right way. Remember to always look for quality and to focus on creating content that reflects your brand while providing valuable information to your users. It is very important to not expect instant results as natural blogging takes a bit of time to get noticed but once it does, there is nowhere to go, but up!

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