17 Mar 6 Social Media Tips from a Top Social Media Marketing Company

6 Social Media Tips from a Top Social Media Marketing Company


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Social media is here to stay! If you ask any social media marketing company, they will have a wide range of reasons get started with a social media campaign or to work on expanding your current strategy. The attention and reach that you can get from social media is unrivalled and making an attempt or hiring a social media marketing company is a great way to tap into the potential and widen your audience. Here are some top tips from professional Social media and digital marketing experts on making your social media campaign better.

1. Get ideas and learn from past content

What most businesses do is to measure the success of their social media attempts after publishing their content. In reality, the best approach would be to look at past content and to analyze their performance before you decide on your own content. There are plenty of tools where you can type in your keywords and to obtain a list of top performing content. You may notice that some types of content worked well on specific social networks and take notes on what will work in your specific situation. This data can be used to determine the perfect type of content for you as well as to decide on the perfect platform to publish them.

2. Use links with visual content

Visual content such as images, infographics or videos can act as a gateway of sorts, for more content in your blog or a specific page on your website. A piece of visual content can be effectively used to link to your services, products and other content on your website. Since visual content get much more attention from users, they are most likely to click on the link if it interests them. This method is used to great results, in many social media campaigns and work particularly well for ecommerce websites where they can feature new products in picture or video form for buyers to choose from.

3. Adapt your content for different platforms

If you are using written content, you can easily transform it to suit multiple platform. For instance, you can use the written content as a script for a video or to use written content snippets to create interesting infographics. You can even use small, yet important bits of your articles on platforms such as Instagram and Facebook as well as Pinterest to reach an even wider audience. The idea is to design your content so that you have the ability to maximize its use on different platforms to obtain more views and to increase your conversions.

4. Create a proper plan for your content

There are plenty of businesses out there that spend big bucks on creating different content for every social media network out there as well as those who try to save up by publishing the exact same content, without change in every platform. The right approach would be to create a proper content plan where you can create different content or to adapt your general content to suit a select set of social media platforms that can work well with your specific niche or field. The plan should focus on publishing something different on each social network as well as setting a clearly defined goal. Be sure to include the type of content, the tone of the content and to create an editorial calendar for publishing the content. Content marketing is not easy and needs to be done with a proper plan in place if you are to see results.

5. Keep content consistent and publish at the right time

In reality, not even the most well designed social media content strategy will work if you don’t keep things consistent. Of course, this does not mean that you should constantly upload content to the point of being called a spammer. Instead, do a bit of research on the times of the days of the week and times of day when users are most active on social media profiles before you post your content. This will allow you to get more interaction on your posts and to reach a wider audience.

6. Use hashtags with a strategy in mind

Hashtags are great to enhance the reach of just about any social media campaign. However, choosing the right hashtags is a must to make sure that your content appears in the right places and gets noticed by the right people. Random hashtagging is definitely easy but it is not going to get you the attention you seek. Instead, do your research for hashtags that matter and work on a hashtag to tie in your entire campaign together. You can always look into current trending events that are relevant to your business and to tie in relevant content with the hashtags that match. When it comes to creating your own hashtag, be sure to choose something that is memorable, not already in use and not easily mistaken for something else. If you are successful, your audience will also start using your special hashtag and start sharing items that will draw more and more attention to your posts.

Social media strategies evolve with time but some rules stay the same. The above mentioned tips are tried and tested by professional social media companies and are forecasted to be effective for quite a while. If you are unable to manage your own social media, you can always choose a quality services provider to assist you in the content creation, social media strategizing and maintaining your profiles. The idea is to give priority to quality and to always have a proper plan while also keeping an eye out for new trends.

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