03 Apr 2015 Web Design Trends from Professional Website Designers

2015 Web Design Trends from Professional Website Designers


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Professional website designers always have to be ready to adapt the constantly changing standards and trends in web design. As for 2015, there are quite e few new trends, techniques and technologies that will make websites appear better with more power while packing a punch to increase conversions. Here are some of the most prominent trends in website design for 2015.

Large background images

Widely popularized by brands such as Apple, massive background images in website is now a major trend for 2015. While larger images and image dominating websites were previously frowned upon, they appear to have come back in style in combination with subtle parallax effects and rich typography. However, despite this being the trend, business owners should stop to think whether a highly visual website is something that works with their specific niche before adapting it.

Focusing on building the digital brand first

A few years ago, businesses started out physically and employed other marketing methods before going digital. As for 2015 when people are much more likely to hear about a business on social media or other parts of the internet than stumbling across it in the physical world, digital-first branding is the newest trend. It is quite normal to see fully-fledged Facebook pages with thousands of fans before the business is even properly established. The idea of digital-first branding is to get people excited before the company is even open for business. From the logo to the online shopping carts, brands built on the internet are fully fledged businesses that can even work without a physical presence. Creating an online brand first allows you to tap into the vast internet audience early on. This way, your business has a chance of getting recognized.

Better responsive web design

Gone are the days when people actually took the time to zoom their webpages if a mobile or responsive site is available. In 2015, just about any website with any information has some sort of competition and people are fast to click away to something better and more convenient. Making your website respond to the type of device and browser is an absolute must in 2015. Unless you are some exclusive big brand, your viewers are not going to bother a faulty website or to bookmark to check it from a computer with the type of browser with which your website is compatible. With the rise of smartphone internet users and the fact that most smartphones are just as powerful as computers, there is no reason for you to focus solely on desktops. Making your website easily accessible by all devices, all browsers at all times is going to help your business a great deal in 2015.

Simple design

Big bold moving graphics went out of style a while back. Nowadays, with responsive design requirements and large background images, the functional elements such as text areas, navigation and search buttons are kept to a simple design to go well with the backdrop. Of course, depending on preferences and theme, you can create whatever you choose, but if you are looking for something trendy, you can go with simple functional elements in a simple layout to make the website extra appealing to the modern audience. For instance, that famous shadow effect where everything from text to buttons had a shadow is no longer in style. Instead, flat, clutter free designs are the height of style nowadays. Instead of focusing on vivid designs, this approach allows website users to focus more on the content and to receive the message that you are trying to convey.

Big, bold text

We have said it several times and we will say it again, ‘content is king!’ In 2015, content still continues to rule social media, web design and online marketing campaigns and putting the focus on content with the aid of big, bold typography is the next big design step. Often seen in big brand websites in combination with massive background images, this particular trend draws attention to your message and lets your users learn more about your business right by reading the front page text.

Interactive features

These are excellent at telling a story. This is a great way to not only tell stories but also provides a unique approach to delivering valuable content. For instance, if you are giving your customers a tour through the website’s features, inside information or even a tutorial, you can make use of interactive features to make a better, lasting impression.

The future of web design for 2015 is full of great possibilities. While the design possibilities are more along the lines of minimalist, the technology is getting more and more powerful, allowing for more opportunities for businesses of all types to communicate with their audiences and to build their brands.

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